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Eastern Habitats - Indian Forests
Main Forest Regions : Assam, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh
Famous Wildlife Reserves : Kazirnga National Park, Sundarban National Park, Manas National Park, Namdhpha National Park
Wildlife Attractions : Indian Rhino, Indian Elephant, Bengal Tiger
Best Time To Visit : November To April

Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary
Unspoilt, unexplored and inaccessible pockets of primeval forests in the northeastern Indian states preserve rich biospheres, together with a wealth of wildlife. If Nandankan is Orissa is famous for white Tigers then Kaziranga is just the place to check out the one horned Rhino's. Also merits a visit are the Indian Tiger reserves such as the Manas Tiger Reserve, whose wet grasslands are also the home of the Rhino, Water Buffalo, Elephant and Tiger.

Deer Prepare for a Jungle safari expedition and explore the wilds of Indian forests. The major Indian forest region to check out for are the forests of Northeast India, especially the rain forests of Arunachal Pradesh, the only surving rain forests of India.

Famous East Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

Kaziranga National Park
The land of Rhino is counted among the two major wild pockets, the only surviving habitats of this prehistoric survivor in India.

Sundarbans National Park
Come to Sundarbans where adventure awaits you at every corner. Known as the largest estuarine delta in the world, this Tigerland vibrates with countless forms of colourful life.

Other East Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

Bhitarkanika Wildlife SanctuaryElephant
Known as one of the second largest viable stretch of mangrove forest in the Indian mainland, Bhitarkanika sanctuaries best attractions include the aqua ones, specifically speaking - Estuarine Crocodile and Pacific Ridley Sea Turtles.

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Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary, Orissa
Aqua fauna is what going to attract you to this sanctuary, the breeding center of the Giant Olive Ridley Turtles, who crossover the Pacific to come here and lay their eggs.

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Manas Tiger Reserve, Assam
Assam is the state of the Great One Horned Rhino. Beside the Kaziranga there's Manas another habitat of the Rhino's, located in one of the remotest region among the foothills of Himalayas.

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Namdhapha National Park, Arunachal
Tucked away in the northern most state of Arunachal, is the Namdhapa National Park, famous for the extremely elusive snow and the clouded Leopard. The park is also a Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger.

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The Palamu Tiger Reserve, Bihar
The tiger reserve of Palamu is located within the district of Palamau in the South Chhotanagpur plateau of Bihar. Sal forests and thickets of Bamboo and the circuitous Koel River set off the undulating terrain and the rivers tributaries meander through the park.

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Simplipal National Park, Orissa
Simplipal is counted among the earliest Project tiger reserves of India and is located in the northern-forested belt of Orissa. Beside the faunal attractions, the attractive terrain also includes numerous waterfalls.

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Tour Packages for Eastern India Wildlife
1. Weekend Getaway to Kaziranga
(Tour 1)
( 2 Nights / 3 Days )
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2. Weekend Getaway to Kaziranga
(Tour 2)
- IWP10
( 2 Nights / 3 Days )
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3. Eastern Himalayan Tour - IWP11
( 13 Nights / 14 Days )
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4. Weekend Getaways to Sundarbans - IWP12
(2 Nights / 3 Days)
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