Bengal Tiger - Get to see the big tiger cat or as we say the 'Raja of Jungle' in its natural home. A sight of Royal Bengal tigers India is one thing that attracts the wildlife lovers from all around the globe.

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Bengal Tiger
Major Regions : Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Kerala.
Famous Tiger Reserves : Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Corbett National Park, Sundarbans National Park.
Other Wildlife Attractions : Leopards, Antelopes, Deers, Sambar, Gaurs.

Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary
About Bengal Tigers

The natural heritage in India is as rich and diverse as the cultural heritage. The wildlife sanctuaries and the national parks here give you an essence of the same. Nestled in this rich land are the Royal Bengal Tigers, the only home to the Royal Tiger Cat. The largest living member of the cat family has a rather graceful built and gait. Bengal Tiger is the fastest running animal. Its length can measure up to 10 feet and has a weight ranging from 180 to 260 kgs.

Bengal Tiger - The Royal Cat Watching Bengal Tigers - A Lifetime Experience

The habitat of this elegant swift mammal (Bengal Tiger) varies from the swamps of the Sunderbans to the desert land at Ranthambore, from the foothills of Himalayas at Corbett National Park to Bandipur in the peninsular India. In 1973 was launched the Project Tiger to get hold of the dwindling count of the indian tigers. Around 9 wildlife sanctuaries were declared as tiger reserves, which has now increases to 19 covering an area of 33,000 sq. kms in 14 states. The beauty of the tigers of bengal can now be seen in its natural surroundings in these conserved areas.

Famous Bengal Tiger Reserves

If you are fascinated by the royal Bengal tiger India and wish to see it in its natural surroundings, a visit to these tiger reserves is bound to be an enchanting one. All these reserves have the facility of tours to the forested area to watch Bengal Tiger. One can choose a suitable mode to tour. It can be by jeep or on the elephant backs. Corbett National Park was the first one covered under the Project Tiger. Named after the famous environmentalist Jim Corbett, it houses diverse flora and fauna and has weather suited for flourishing wildlife.

Visit these tiger reserves to explore the world of Bengal Tigers :

Sundarbans National Park
Come to Sundarbans where adventure awaits you at every corner. Known as the largest estuarine delta in the world, this Bengal Tiger's land vibrates with countless forms of colourful life.

Sunderbans - Land of the tigers
Corbett National Park, U.P.
Corbett is India's first and finest national park spread along the banks of the Ramganga River, in the foothills of the Himalayas. A well-protected wild habitat, Corbett provides an unforgettable experience to a nature lover.

Kanha National Park
Ever though what it feels like to visit a tiger country, then visit the state of Madhya Pardesh, check out the wilds of Kanha and see for yourself why this place is called a wild hideout taken straight from the famous "Jungle Book".

Kaziranga National Park
The land of Rhino is counted among the two major wild pockets, the only surviving habitats of this prehistoric survivor in India.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Best known for its wildlife, is a must-see for all the visitors to Kerala. The Periyar lake lies at the heart of the sanctuary, which is a veritable paradise for all wildlife lovers.

Sunderbans - Land of the tigersSariska Wildlife Sanctuary
Probably the most visited park in India, Sariska was also a hunting reserve previously just like other national parks in India. The reserve was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1958 and came under the "Project Tiger" as a tiger reserve in 1979.

Ranthambore National Park
A nearby attraction of Sawai Madhopur, in the state of Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park is an outstanding example of Project Tiger's efforts at conservation in the India.

Bengal Tiger Tour Packages
1. The Taj & the Tiger - IWP29
( 9 Nights / 10 Days )
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2. The Taj & the Tale of the Tiger - IWP30
( 11 Nights / 12 Days )
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3. Essence of India & The Tiger - IWP31
( 14 Nights / 15 Days )
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4. Magnificent India & The Tiger - IWP32
( 15 Nights / 16 Days )
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5. Weekend Getaway - IWPO3
( 2 Nights / 3 Days )
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6. Short Bird Watching Package - IWPO4
( 2 Nights / 3 Days )
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7. Corbett Adventure Tour - IWPO5
( 3 Nights / 4 Days )
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8. Tiger Trails - IWPO2
( 15 Nights / 16 Days )
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9. South India Wildlife Tour - IWP16
( 16 Nights / 17 Days )
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