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Amber jewelry: fashionable handmade products

One of the oldest gemstones, amber, was used thousands of years ago to create women's jewelry. And although amber is not a natural stone, an ancient resin, its jewelry properties are not diminished by this. On the contrary, like no other gem, the stone has a huge range of shades. It is not only yellow-honey and brown, but also completely dark colors up to black, milky white, and even rare green and blue. Its internal patterns, inclusions, bubbles and different degrees of transparency give it unusual originality. That is why amber jewelry has not lost its popularity even after tens of centuries.

Today, fashionable amber products are distinguished by their originality and variety. In order to be convinced of these words, you should view our unique products on the ukrburshtyn.com website. They are suitable for any occasion and complement any look from casual to an elegant evening.

Кулон з бурштину

Amber jewelry

Among the sunstone jewelry, the oldest accessory is a necklace, as well as earrings, rings, pendants, and brooches. Amber is strikingly combined with silver, so the collections of amber products in silver are even more extensive.

Amber jewelry, especially of large sizes, is a fashion trend that remains in trend for more than the first season. Such products attract attention, giving their owner elegance and aristocracy. A necklace or a massive necklace is a "must have" for every girl who wants to stay fashionable. Or a voluminous bracelet that will emphasize elegant hands. And maybe big earrings that match the color of your eyes or hair. There are many options, but it is important not to overdo it with massive decorations. It is ideal if you wear no more than two eye-catching pieces of jewelry, such as earrings and a bracelet. Otherwise, the image will be burdened.

Also in fashion today is an extraordinary way of wearing jewelry. Instead of a set of earrings - only one, but it meets all the requirements of fashion: massive, with a large stone or an intricate pattern. As? Do you still not have any such three-dimensional decoration? It is not too late to remedy the situation and buy large amber necklaces. In addition to beads made of semi-precious stones, all kinds of bracelets are also popular today.

Браслет з бурштину

Amber bracelet "Shambala"

This year, many designers, and with them fashionistas, prefer jewelry amulets. Unusual bracelets hung with symbolic talismans are one of today's trends.

A Nepali bracelet that Buddhist monks wore to gain wisdom can now be afforded by anyone. Of course, to make a real magic bracelet, the monks needed several months and special semi-precious stones. Now you can buy jewelry for a Shambhala bracelet in any store, but will such a bracelet be useful?

If you consider this question, Shambhala was called a land invisible to most people, which can only be entered by those who are pure in heart and seek to understand the secret of wisdom, harmony, and perfection. The first bracelets that serve as guides and helpers in the search for harmony and wisdom were bracelets with 9 knots. Later, the monks added beads made of natural stones to the knots, one of which depicted a smiling Buddha. Such an addition only strengthened the effect of the bracelet, because it is known that natural stones have magical properties.

Today, you can find jewelry made of a wide variety of natural and not quiet stones. They do not necessarily consist of 9 beads - the design is quite liberal. But if you want to buy not just a nice "trinket", but a real amulet that will bring harmony and beauty into your life, then you should think about the Shambhala bracelet made of amber. An ancient talisman stone in combination with a magical Nepalese bracelet will give miracles to those who believe in the power of amulets.

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