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Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary
You don't need to go through any sort of a map to check out the wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks that are situated within India. Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries are still known as the best bet when it comes to witnessing the most exquisite wildlife existing in the world. The steep valleys with rich forests, spectacular pools and rapids provide an ideal opportunity to revive adventurous spirits and to enjoy some of the best nature travel destinations.
Deer in Nature Park
If the Eastern Ghats and the Nallamalas to the shores of Bay of Bengal, houses a variety of flora and fauna, then the Western Ghat ranges, moist to semi to ever green forests, is a perfect budding place for a variety of habitat to flourish. The northern wilderness is incomparable, enclosing the most amazing and astounding wild creatures of the Himalayas making this the best nature tour destinaton of India. The beauty and the beasts living in the lush wild greenery of south also shelter a wide variety of wildlife.

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